Belly and Weight vs. Accepting Yourself

I've been procrastinating on writing this blog post because the two things don't seem to go together. On the one hand, I say that you should love and accept yourself JUST AS YOU ARE. On the other hand, I say that you should put yourself first, and that means TAKING GOOD CARE OF YOUR HEALTH. But the two CAN coexist. 

  • REGARDLESS of your weight, belly size, or any other aspect of you, you are perfect just as you are. Ignore the bullies and people who judge you. "Perfect" means that AT THIS POINT IN TIME, however you got to where you are today, YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE. That is the you that you should honor. It doesn't mean that you don't have imperfections or things you might want to improve. It's talking about the here and now.

  • We worry excessively over our weight and appearance. The key word is "excessively." We all know what we're supposed to do. Eat right, and live an active lifestyle. Change your eating habits one baby step at a time. Don't "diet," because diets fail. Start by changing what you drink to plain water, seltzer, or unsweet ice tea, etc. For food, look for better alternatives to what you're eating now. Experiment. Try new things!