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Hey guys, if you want to talk about anything, let me know! I want to help you feel good about your body. I'm here to for you.

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About Me

Hi, I'm Shungaboy. I'm an artist and a nudist. I used to be shy about my body and have struggled with self-esteem issues all my life. Although I still face challenges at times, I want to share what I've learned and continue to learn, so that I can help men like you.

I help men who have body-image issues, but want to feel confident about their body. I show you how you can overcome your issues by taking OFF your clothes! Life is about having friends and enjoying it, right? We all have negative thoughts and have to deal with judgment from other people. It's really tough to solve those issues by yourself. I want to help you take baby steps to overcome your challenges.

My Challenges

As an Asian-American man, I’ve experienced two main challenges. The first is the stereotype that Asian men have small penises and the second, is that I often feel invisible. Consistent with the stereotype, I have a smaller-than-average penis. So even though I am generally a confident person, I have always felt insecure and shy about it, and it still hurts to be rejected.

This Blog

This blog is where I post articles, tips, and short videos from my course on how to overcome your body issues so you can feel confident about your body. From time to time, I'll host webinars and other ways to interact in a more in-depth way.

Take The First Step on Your Journey

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My Bio

My journey as a nudist started in 2012 when I posed for another artist. At the beginning, I felt a bit nervous being the focus of someone else’s gaze, but after a few poses, I began to feel more comfortable, and by the end of the session, I thought it was really “no big deal!” It was an exhilarating and liberating experience. It felt so natural. After that, I went to a naked yoga class and I was hooked on nudism!

I started my Men's Naked Drawing Group in 2014. I don't hire any models so artists take turns posing for the group. Over the years, I've had the pleasure of drawing and painting so many different bodies of all shapes and sizes. And just like my experience in 2012, many of the guys in my group told me that being the model and having everyone looking at them intently really boosted their confidence.

So I started researching men's body issues by conducting  surveys, hosting discussion groups, and doing one-on-one coaching. There's a whole body-positivity / body-acceptance movement for women. It seems that men are expected to just hold it in and suffer silently. Because life should be happy, I try to look at these difficult issues from a positive angle rather than the negative angle of solving problems. So rather than saying, "overcome your body issues," I prefer to frame it as, "feel good about your body!" Two ways to approach the same topic!

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