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What does Level 1 mean? It means that you have major body issues. You struggle a great deal with your body issues. You're interested in nudism and you think that you'd like to try it, but you're just too shy. You're afraid of being judged by others and you even judge yourself harshly. You even avoid looking at yourself in the mirror.

Hi there, Shungaboy here. I’m so glad that you’re taking action to improve your life! Just by taking this quiz, it shows me that you’rebeing proactive, and that’s great! And, you’re not alone! Hair, skin, age, and race, are the next most common issues after weight and penis size.


The Media bombards us with idealized images of men. Society makes judgments based on age and external appearance. On the otherhand, nudists are some of the least judgmental folks around. 

My message is that you have to put yourself first. The #1 thing you need to do about your appearance is to CHOOSE to put yourself first. Even if it doesn’t feel like it, YOU are in control of your life. What bothers you the most about your appearance? Why does it bother you? Write your thoughts down. Is it something you can change or improve? If so, then write down the baby steps and start making those changes. If not, accept it and focus on the things you can change.