How to Be Confident About Your Weight
EVEN IF You’ve Tried Dieting and Exercise!

Hi there, Shungaboy here. CONGRATULATIONS on taking the first step to overcome your body issues!  Weight is the #1 body issue (46%) reported by men who answered by survey.

As you know, weight is a super-difficult challenge because it’s visible, whether you're wearing clothes or not, AND it's a complicated issue involving genes, hormones that has developed over a period of time.

The media and online apps bombard us with images of shirtless guys who look like they spend all day in the gym. BUT, there’s a wonderful bear community of larger guys just like you. The nudist community is very accepting of all bodies, including large bodies.

The Number ONE thing you need to do about your WEIGHT is NOT diet or exercise. 

The number one thing is to choose to put yourself and your body first. I'm talking about getting enjoyment from your body with all its flaws and imperfections. I’m talking about loving your whole self including your body, your mind, and your personality. 

My Men's Body-Positivity Plan gives you a step-by-step way to accept yourself just as you are. And if you choose to improve yourself, the course will show you how to do it in a systematic way. It will teach you mental exercises, physical activities, non-dieting food recommendations, and naked activities to boost your confidence.

It's not easy. I get it. But you are MORE than worth it! You are the most important person in the world for you. If you help yourself, you will be able to help people around you. It will take time, effort, and discipline on your part, but I am here to help YOU. I've created this course for guys just like you. 

Shungaboy gives a preview of his online video course, the Men's Body-Positivity Plan.

My Journey and Why I Created This Course:

My nudist life now is pretty good. I am comfortable with my body and I’m comfortable being naked in front of others. 

But it hasn’t always been that way. 

I used to be shy about my smaller-than-average penis. I was always covering up in the locker room, the bathhouse, and the bedroom.

I was always worried about being judged, laughed at, and rejected for my penis size. That, coupled with discrimination for being a gay Asian man, led me to seek out anonymous sex in dark places, probably resulting in my becoming HIV positive and nearly dying from it. It took many years to nurture myself back to health.

The turning point in my self-confidence was in 2012, when I posed nude for another artist. While being naked in front of another man in a well-lit room was initially scary, it was liberating and opened the door to nudism for me. That led me to try naked yoga, nude beaches, and eventually start my naked drawing group.

I never thought I would be comfortable being naked in front of others, but now I am comfortable being nude in front of mixed-gender naked events, and even clothed people, including my parents! I regularly go to naked yoga and exercise classes, as well as other naked social events. 

Why Did I Create This Course?

My mission in life now is to help men like you become more comfortable with your body. With a larger nudist community, I'll have more friends to do naked activities and more naked opportunities. 

Many guys in my naked drawing group told me that the safe, nonjudgmental space helped them overcome their body issues, improve their self-esteem, and even clarify their sexual orientation. So I started doing research and hosting discussion groups. 

This Men's Body-Positivity Plan grew out of that. 

You don’t have to become a full-time nudist. But nudists are some of the least judgmental people around. They don’t care about your weight, penis size, age, body hair, or skin. The benefits are not limited to your body. You can become better connected to yourself and have a clearer life path. 


Do these sound like you? These are quotes about WEIGHT from guys like you.

  • “No matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to get below ____ pounds.”

  • “I hate my body. I hate myself.”

  • “The thought of being naked around other people scares me to death.”

  • "I want to feel more confident."

  • "I want to become more comfortable and self-accepting. I want to get back my self-esteem."

  • "I want to lose the weight."

  • "I want to get over my anxiety issues."

  • "I want to stop hating my body and hating myself."

  • "I want to resist and ignore the negative thoughts about my body and negative self-talk."

  • "I want to be considered attractive. I want to be attractive sexually. I want to look sexy naked."

  • "I want to be less of an introvert and start mixing with people."

  • "I want to be less self-conscious."

  • "I want to get the help I need."

Men's Body-Positivity Plan - Course Outline:

I'm still working on the course, but here are some of the topics that I will cover.

- How To Accept Yourself Just As You Are
- How to treat bullies with compassion

01: Weight, The Big Picture 
02: Fat Stigma
03: Genetics
04: Bear Wellness
05: Diets Are Bad
06: Eat more vegetables
07: Exercise For Health, Not Weight Loss
08: Access To Healthcare
09: Mental Health
10: Support Network, Social Health
11: A New Hope Paradigm
12: Skinny Stigma

01: Penis, The Big Picture
02: Where Do I Fit In?
03: Attraction and Judgment
04: Does One More Inch Matter?
05: Sex and Penis Size
06: Size Queens
07: How To Measure Your Penis
08: Show-ers vs. Growers
09: Cut or Uncut?
10: Penis Enlargement
11: Getting An Erection
12: How To Deal With A Small Penis?
13: Penis Maintenance

- Age is just a number
- How long do you plan to live?
- Embracing changes in your body
- Have you seen Mick Jagger lately?
- Face exercises / face yoga
- Beauty tips

- Grooming for hairy guys
- Thinning hair
- Graying hair
- Foods to eat for better skin
- Vitamin D vs. sunblock

- How to be sexy
- How to navigate the shark-infested "dating" apps
- How to deal with rejection
- Challenges within the gay/bi community

- Naked things to do

*Contents subject to change.

3 STEPS for YOU to overcome your weight issue:


In the meantime, some of the guys in my naked drawing group talk about how being naked with other men has helped them:

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Yes, it's a risk for me, but it is my main goal to help you. I'm confident that this course will help you be more confident about your body and yourself. Everyday I live by and use what I teach. I'm discovering new things all the time and will continue to share them with you in updates and future editions. But if it's not for you, I totally respect that. It's your life, you should live it the way you choose!

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